JLM Support Services is dedicated to promoting diversity in the workplace and to demonstrating that talents can be found in our uniqueness and diversity. Our staff have the experience to rapidly identify, recommend and implement practical and innovative solutions to meet our clients needs.  Our staff includes former:

  • Industry Executives and Managers
  • Industry Back Office and Middle Office Staff
  • IT Planners, and Systems Analysts.

Our permanent position recruiters bring over 15 years of recruiting experience in IT and other Financial industry operations.

Our recruiting staff make conscious effort to search for the best and the brightest candidates to meet our clients resource needs for temporary and permanent staff in:

  • Operations Improvement
  • Financial Services Operations (Banking; Brokerage; Insurance)
  • Reconciliation and Escheatment
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Merger and Integration Projects

Clients are offered try and buy options for their permanent staffing needs